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Laminate flooring in Sunshine to last a lifetime

The best range of laminate supplies and panels

As a busy home owner or business professional you require prompt and efficient solutions. At QAP Timber Flooring we offer a wide range of laminate supplies and panels when you need them in Sunshine.

Specialising in panelling and laminate flooring, we offer quality, cost-effective products that allow for a range of colour and decoration to your home of space. Our professional team has been in the industry quite a while now, so we have the expertise to provide you with the right products, no matter how small or large your project. Call us today for a free estimate.

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What we offer

At QAP Timber Flooring we can cater to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and have the years of expertise you require. Maintaining your vision and personal taste we provide laminate flooring that offers superb durability and scratch and stain resistance. We've got:

  • Hardwood imitations
  • Laminate floating floorboards
  • Laminate panels
  • Quality gloss and finish

All of our laminate flooring is easy to maintain and is ideal for heavy traffic areas in your home, like the family kitchen. Our laminate flooring and panels are also resistant to fading by sunlight and accumulate less dust. The perfect option for allergy sufferers. Come and see us in Sunshine today.

Meet the team

Proudly based in Sunshine, we've been in the laminate flooring business for years. We take pride in our products giving customers the very best in laminate products, panelling and flooring. From interior designers to home decorators, we've been serving a diverse range of people, and loving it.


QAP Timber Flooring's certified staff members know how to tackle the ins and outs of large as well as small projects. We can assist you in choosing a surface best suited to your specific needs. Our great team also offers installation options. Call us today to see what we can do for you.